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Questions and Answers!
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How will an author visit be beneficial in my school, organization, or library?

Emily's first book, Thumbs Up For All, is a book about celebrating differences. The story takes readers on the journey of a real Maine lobster who is quite unique! He learns to stand up for his differences while others learn that being different is what makes the world so special. The messages in her book provide many opportunities for conversation, reflection, and action in places we need it the most. This book can be tied into themes of diversity, kindness, respect, bullying, and so much more!

** New in 2019! Emily's second book, Annette Full of Friends will be released in June 2019. This book is about nonjudgemental friendships and working together. It is full of puns and fun while teaching kids to respect everyone.

** We are now offering a package deal with the author and illustrator, Travis Nelson! Not only can you learn about diversity and kindness, you can learn how an illustrator produces his art and turns it into a beautiful children's book! This will include an illustration demonstration, interactive art lesson, and more!
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Author Visits » Emily Coye Books

What can my organization expect during the author or author/illustrator combo visit?

Emily can start with an opening assembly where she will introduce herself, her first and second published books. She will discuss her motivation to write these books, share photos, and more.

** If Author Illustrator combo visit is chosen, Travis will also introduce himself during this time.

After this opening assembly Emily will hold small groups (classrooms or grade levels depending on the size of the school) in the same location throughout the day. The school can choose from the following lessons to meet their needs (more than one can be chosen for different grades/classes).

**If author/illustrator combo visit is chosen Emily and Travis will both teach (details for how this will look will be worked out with each individual school).

*All lessons last 45–60 minutes

Lesson 1: The process of publishing a book (Grades 3–6)

This lesson outlines the steps it took to become a published author (my story), setbacks and perseverance, motivation, logistics, and more. Students will see my “rough draft” and get behind the scenes information. Students will participate in a writing mini-lesson to start a seed idea that they can complete at a later date.

**If author/illustrator combo visit is chosen, students will also be led in an illustration demonstration and interactive activity.

Lesson 2: Celebrating Diversity (Grades 3–6)

This lesson is an interactive activity designed to open students’ minds to being different and appreciate what everyone has to offer. We start with a discussion and move through a fun activity where students will learn that no matter what, you can always find something to say or do that can change someone’s life. Students also leave with a task which opens doors for teachers to continue the discussion and provide follow up activities or a school wide goal/initiative around diversity, tolerance, bullying, and more.

**If author/illustrator combo visit is chosen, students will also be led in an illustration demonstration and activity.

Lesson 3: Celebrating Diversity (Grades K–2)

This lesson is similar to the lesson above but geared more towards K-2 with an alternate age appropriate activity and discussion.

**If author/illustrator combo visit is chosen, students will also be led in an illustration demonstration and activity.

Lesson 4: Lobstering! (Grades 3–6)

This lesson focuses on the process of lobstering, fun facts, sea stories, and the reason for mutations such as the one featured in my book (third claw!) ! I will give general information on lobsters as well, a mini science lesson!

**If author/illustrator combo visit is chosen, students will also be led in an illustration demonstration and activity.
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Author Visits » Emily Coye Books

How long is the visit and how much does it cost?

Emily offers full and ½ day rates for schools as well as hourly for libraries or other organizations. For a full day, the opening assembly (if desired) runs 30–45 minutes and each session 45–60 minutes (3–5 sessions). For a ½ day, the opening assembly (if desired) runs 30 minutes and each session 30–45 minutes (2–4 sessions). Hourly consists of a reading, discussion, and short activity. This can be modified to meet your organization’s needs. Without the assembly, more sessions can be completed.

* Price includes travel up to 30 miles each way from Casco, Maine. Please inquire for further distance.

** Travel expenses include appropriate transportation cost and lodging.
Author Visits » Emily Coye Books
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Author Visits » Emily Coye Books

What does the school/organization need to provide?

Not too much!

1. A projector and microphone (if needed in space).

2. Whiteboard and markers.

3. An appropriate space where groups come to me (can be a different location than opening assembly).

4. Eager students with writing utensils!

5. Directions to the school and any special requests upon arrival.

6. A check for the full agreed upon amount on day of Emily’s visit (separated accordingly if author/illustrator combo visit is chosen).

7. Agreement to send home an order form for books with the students 1–2 weeks prior to the visit.

8. ** Watercolor paints and paper if requested. **
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Author Visits » Emily Coye Books

What should I do once I have the day scheduled?

Provide Emily with the schedule including room numbers/locations and times (including breaks). Use the timing mentioned above but remember, Emily can work with you to meet your needs! If author/illustrator combo is chosen, we will work out exact details on how you would like this to look throughout the day.
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Author Visits » Emily Coye Books

How can books be purchased?

Emily is self-published and owns all of her books. Her books can be purchased at emilycoye.com and in person on the day of the visit. She signs all of her books. Flyers should be sent home to students prior to the visit with purchase information. Teachers/staff can purchase day of or online if interested.

*One copy will be donated to your organization as a THANK YOU for having me!*

Please e-mail info@emilycoye.com or call (207) 409-0656 to schedule your visit!

We look forward to working with you!